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Upgrade XenServer 7.3 to 8.2

Kevin Garman




I have several XenServer 7.3 installations and would like to upgrade them to 8.2.  What is the correct method to do this?  From what I've found, it seems like I'm suppose to backup my VMs and start fresh with 8.2...is that correct?  ...is there no way to upgrade in-place?





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If you can afford the downtime, I'd (1) eject one host from your pool and do a clean install just to make sure your server is compatible, (2) backup all your VMs and metadata and make notes carefully on various settings, (3) do a clean install and re-build your pool that way. You should be able to safely detach and re-attach any external storage (make sure the metadata are backed up to at least one of the external SRs!). Recall that by default, a clean install will destroy any local SRs.



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Here are the official guidelines: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hypervisor/install/upgrade.html

Are you already using the new partition layout with increased root space? I would always back up my VMs just in case, bet there should be a direct

route possible according to the above-mentioned documentation. Be sure to keep track of any customizations, iSCSI and other network configurations, etc.


Also, above all, be sure to upgrade to at least the corresponding version of XenCenter before you start the upgrade process!



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