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Auditlog service already exist with the server

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Also see if someone changed the default syslog parameter to log to the external location. You won't be able to create a syslog policy I suspect if the local parameter is already using that destination.  Default syslog parameter should usually be kept to local host while external syslog destinations can be set via syslog policies.


Make sure none of your syslog ip/port combinations are in conflict with existing server/service destinations. 


Are you creating this through the gui or the cli?

If the cli, can you share the command as there might be an issue with the command format you are using.


Some cli commands which may be showing the conflict between auditlog settings/policies/actions vs. your load balancing config:

show audit syslogparam

show audit <tab>  # to see actual command objects, in case my recollection is off

show audit syslogaction

show audit nslogaction 

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Add service lb_sv_syslog_hhk x.x.x.x UDP 514 -gslb NONE -MAXCLIENT 0 -MAXREQ 0 -CIP DISABLED -USIP NO -useproxyport Yes -sp OFF  -clttimeout  9000 -svrtimeout 9000 -CKA YES - TCPB YES -CMP NO


After running the above command I get the error - Auditlog service exist with the given server information .


I checked running config/saved config and didn't find anything related to the mentioned IP in command except - add server x.x.x.x   x.x.x.x


It start giving error only after I remove all syslog config and try to reconfigure it with same server details .


Note - Today I was able to do  configuration  successfully on devices which  which where throwing error yesterday  error yesterday .

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