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Citrix Director only records 7 days (instead of 30 days)

Larry Heier




I have an issue where a Virtual Apps & Desktops 7.15 CU3 Enterprise installation suddenly started saving only seven (7) days of historical Citrix Director information.  We had the normal 30 days of history after a reboot around September 1st and have worked with Citrix so far to reset the monitoring database.  It seems like Director thinks we are running Standard/App edition instead of Enterprise.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this?


Here's details on the licensing/version edition.


PS H:\> Get-BrokerController

ActiveSiteServices                 : {ControllerReaper, ControllerNameCacheRefresh, Licensing, BrokerReaper...}
AssociatedHypervisorConnectionUids : {}
ControllerVersion                  : 7.15.3000.350
DNSName                            : citrixdc01.xyz.com
DesktopsRegistered                 : 4
LastActivityTime                   : 10/12/2020 9:26:35 AM
LastLicensingServerEvent           : ServerOK
LastLicensingServerEventDetails    : {Server: citrixdc01.xyz.com, Port: 27000, ProductEdition: ENT, ProductId:




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