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GSLB MEP is down even with successful communication.

Abhijith KS

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Hi All,


I just built 2 new sites and the MEP is down on both. But, I see successful tcp communication on port 3011 as I haven't enabled secure communication. Has anyone faced this issue before ? 

The weird thing is, initially the MEP was showing UP on command line and DOWN on GUI. Then after a reboot, MEP is showing DOWN on both the sites, in spite of having successful tcp communication.


We are running 11.1 version.

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14 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Try running the following to confirm two-way communication.


nstcpdump.sh port 3011

Thanks for the prompt response Carl, I did run on both the sites and the communication is successful. Engaged Citrix support and they asked to reboot as the MEP was up in GUI and showing down in command line. Post reboot, MEP went down on both the sites ( even at this point we had successful tcp communication, did verify via tcpdump ). Then we again deleted and recreated the GSLB site, reset the MEP password and it fixed the issue.

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