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Look inside MCSIO diff vhdx

Stefan Wendrich1709160263


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I have similar experience in PVS environment. ( I think PVS and MCS is similar in terms of this topic).

Just after booting vdiskdif.vhdx reached to almost 5GB.

I also tried to look inside vhdx, but I coundn't.


What I did was to look through  the event log of VM (what happened) and guess.

I my case one of the problem was defrag.

The rests are still under investigation, but windows search or google updates are candidate.


I haven't go through, but following document might be helpful for you as well.



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The only way to see what is being written to the cache file is to use procmon for writes to the system drive (c: drive) refer to https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX284889  


The MCSIO cache driver is based on the same technology as the PVS cache driver Ram cache with overflow now, so all the same things apply to MCSIO as it doe with PVS.  Make sure your image has been defraged before deployment.  To understand how it works refer to https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2015/01/19/size-matters-pvs-ram-cache-overflow-sizing/

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