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Xenapp 1912 LTSR Windows Server 2016 Data Center ESX 6.7 OS vnic optimizations

Kevin Zaborny1709161775


Hello - I have been looking for a good source for nic related optimizations for Windows 2016/Xenapp 1912LTSR  running on ESX 6.7.  I have seen many good articles and optimizations scripts but they are not all consistent. Some recommended disabling all offload options as well as RSS where as other do not. My XenApp servers are cloned at hypervisor level - not MCS/PVS at this point so they are persistant post deploy.  The hardware is all based on HP Enclosures with multiple nics all 10GB and we separate all traffic via vSwitches per VMWare best practices.  Xenapp VMs are 8vCPU (fit into numa nodes) These are my current settings with regard to TCP/IP nic options being disabled:

IPv4 Checksum Offload

IPv4 TSO Offload

Large Send Offload V2 (IPV4)

Large Send Offload V2 (IPV6)

Offload IP Options

Offload tagged traffic

Offload TCP Options


Recv Segment Coalescing(IPV4)

Recv Segment Coalescing(IPV6)

TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4)

TCP Checksum Offload (IPv6)

UDP Checksum Offload(IPv4)

UDP Checksum Offload(IPv6)

My XenApp servers run O365 with Teams(with voice)  and then users double hop into to another Citrix hosted application. There are also many internal web hosted services that user hit

Just looking for some feedback  - especially around RSS - as to best practices  thanks in advance

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