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Publish Application & Desktop with Different URL in One Storefront





I've got a Citrix Infrastructure With that :

1 Storefront -> 2 Store (1 Store for Apps & 1 Store for Desktop)

1 Delivery Controller -> 1 Machine Catalog & 2 Delivery Group

Delivery Group 1 -> User1 & User 2 Provide Desktop Only on Store 1 (URL Desktop like https://storefront.corp.local/Citrix/Store-DESKTOP)

Delivery Group 2 -> User2 Provide Apps Only on Store 2 (URL Desktop like https://storefront.corp.local/Citrix/Store-APPS)


When i'm connect with User 2, i see Desktop & Apps in my Receiver while i configure URL Store-APPS Only in my Delivery Group.


I wish User 2 show ONLY apps if he connect by  https://storefront.corp.local/Citrix/Store-APPS & show ONLY Desktop if he connect by https://storefront.corp.local/Citrix/Store-DESKTOP


It's Possible ?


My Apps is a Firefox wich installed in Windows Workstation. it's recommended to use Xenapp Server to Publish Application or via Windows Workstation it's OK ?


Thx !

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You need to hide resources by type using PowerShell command Set-DSResourceFilterType. Please go through the below blogs, it will provide you the required information on how to configure it

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