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State of Audio and Video in XenDesktop



Guys, been away form XenDeskop for some time but looking at it again now. One thing I never had a good experience with in XenDesktop 7.6 was delivering audio/video. So many settings/tweaks to make and with BYOD hard to deliver consistently. Looking at 1912 LTSR now as part of a project. I see we can now us things like:


  • UDP flows from XenDesktop through Netscaler for audio
  • VDI integration with collaboration apps like MS Teams and WebEx teams
  • Split our HDX into multiple streams for QoS on premise


problem is always remote users and now with COVID 19 how to deliver desktop experience to them that immersive. Of course collab apps can exist and be installed on a BOYD machine but then realistically one has to disable copy/paste. Experience is not integrated and local app access can help there but confusing to users I have found. Some features reduced with the VDI options for MS Teams and WebEx teams too. 


What are people doing in the wild in relation to delivering two was audio with both company devices and BYOD?

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