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Content Switching - Policy - Traffic Domain

Francesco Bruno

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i'm trying to configure a content switching on an ip with its vlan, and with policy and action with Vservers on different vlan. It's not possible, as there is a problem with different Traffic Domains. So i tried to configure the content switching on a different traffic domain, the same domain of the Vserver in the actions. I see everythign up, but is it really working? So, the question is: can i configure a content switchink with an ip referring to a traffic domain, but with a different traffic domain? 


thank you. 

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I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve but in short you can attached backend services from one traffic domain to a virtual LB vserver in another.



lb-vserver-1 is on traffic domain 10 with an IP of

svc-backendserver-1 is on traffic domain 20 with an IP of

svc-backendserver-2 is on traffic domain 20 with an IP of


You can bind those services to that lb vServer so a client on the same subnet as lb-vserver-1 can access those backend services.


Once you have that working you can add a content switching vServer on traffic domain 10 with an IP of, create a action that send traffic to lb-vserver-1, and you should get exactly the same experience.


More info here - https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/11-1/networking/traffic-domains/inter-traffic-domain-entity-bindings.html

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