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Target devices becoming unresponsive (vmware)

Joe W


PVS version:

XA version: 7.15.4

OS: Windows 2016

ESXi version: 6.5


I have been battling this issue since we moved from XenServer hosts to ESXi hosts. Seemingly randomly a target device will become unresponsive and fail to register with the Delivery Controller or Director. This would appear to happen overnight as there are never any issues reported from users during the day.


Symptoms include:

  • VMWare Tools appear as "Not running"
  • Director shows the IP address as "n/a"  **HOWEVER**, I can still ping the machine by name
  • Machine shows "Unregistered" in the Machine Catalog in Studio
  • Device is completely unresponsive from a Console; black screen.
  • There appears to be CPU activity when viewed from the Activity monitor in ESXi
  • Nothing is logged in the Event Viewer of either the PVS server or the VDC


Of note is that we have these target devices set to automatically reboot at night via the scheduler in Studio. Previously, I had been rebooting them via the Mcli-Run Reboot powershell command via a scheduled task. I switched to using the built-in feature thinking it might have had something to do with it but it did not make a difference.


Also of note, is that I have disabled the Telemetry service on the target devices per some suggestions I have read on here. Initially it seemed like it might've fixed the issue as I didn't experience it for a couple of weeks but now I am having the issue at least once or twice a week. 


Lastly, I have attempted to enable both PVS Server Side Logging and Target Device Logging according to this article: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX236308 but neither have produced anything useful. At least, not to my eyes. And the Target Device logging does not appear to be generating any logs at all.



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Maybe windows is up and running but services are not running such as vmtools and vda (desktop service).

From my experience this may be because starting services are timed out as they exceed the limited time, which is 30,000msec.
If it exceed these services simply give up starting.

check is the host is highly loaded during boot time.


Regards, Yoshi

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