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Netscaler Login using SMS with Azure MFA server

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Trying to set up MFA for our users accessing apps using our Netscaler, using the Azure MFA on-prem server(not the NPS extension), i followed the instructions here: https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/guide/azure-mfa-integration-with-netscaler.pdf and logins work fine with app-authentication or phone call.


The problem is the SMS-verfication that most of our users are accustomed to, two-way SMS as the document tells me to use is deprecated and not supported after November 14, 2018.

One-way SMS does not seem to work, if i set a user to have one way sms the user recive the SMS with the code, but the page to enter the code never appears.


I tried to switch to radius authentication, that works with one way sms but that has some other issues:

-Username is case sensitive

-Cannot use passwords with æ, ø or å (an issue here in Norway, i tried both pap and mschapv2 that are the two encodings that are supported by MFA server)

-Cannot change password


Anyone got any suggestions to how to get past the issues with either ldap or radius?

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I'm completly green on nFactor so will have to learn that before i can get a test running.


When it comes to the NPS extension it has many of the same problems as the onprem solution so that does not solve anything.


In the long run i will get over to saml with either adfs or azure ad, but wanted to check out if i could get some quick wins until we are ready for that,

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