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GSLB MEP not initiating with the Site IP Configured.

Abhijith KS

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Hi All,

We just built 4 VPX instances on our SDX boxes in each of our 2 DC's. VPX and the SDX are in a OOB VLAN and my SNIP which is also configured as the GSLB SITE IP is in a different VLAN and the SVI for this SNIP is on a Firewall.
So with this set up, my default route obviously points to the the management gateway. I also have a SNIP configured with the management subnet.
When VPX in 1 DC talks to the other, it is trying to initiate the MEP communication via the management subnet SNIP configured. I did try to force it via the GSLB SITE IP that is configured by mentioning the source in the RPC Node,but it doesn't work.
When I remove the management SNIP, the LB's do not even try to initiate the MEP traffic.

I think if I can change the default route to point to my Data SNIP, then it would work. I tried all possible ways by configuring the next hop IP management service and etc, but nothing would work.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


PS : We are running version 11.1.

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