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Force/expired password change users gets Cannot Complete request

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So, Build 71.44 is out with mention on release notes:


Authentication, authorization, and auditing

In some cases, after the user password is changed, the following error message appears, Cannot complete your request.

The error occurs because the modified password is corrupted after encryption.

[ NSHELP-25437 ]


Anyone updated? Does this finally fix the issue?

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Are there any updates to this issue.

I am seeing similar behaviour on 13.1 Build 33.52


Password reset goes through fine, but then we get the cannot complete request box.

On DDCs I see an XML authentication error. 

But if we open a new browser users are able to login. 



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I am getting similar behaviour on 

Users successfully reset password via SSPR flow.

Then get the Cannot Complete Request error.

They close the browser session and launch a new incognito window and are prompted to logon and can do so successfully. 

MFA is also in place.


Any updates to this?

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