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Multiple Internet Connections and PBR

Ken Z

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We have a customer who wants a 2nd Internet connection (with it's own firewall, it's own default gateway, etc) for resilience.

He's asked whether the NetScaler Gateway can have 2 VIPs set up, one handling traffic for the 1st internet connection, and another for the 2nd internet connection. Users will connect to either VIP1 ("remote1.contoso.com") or VIP2 ("citrix2.contoso.com") as the external firewalls of each internet connection will NAT through to one or the other of the VIPs.


My question; as there will be two different gateways to the two different internet connections, but only one default gateway configured on the NetScaler, how do I ensure that VIP1 always sends it traffic back out through the 1st firewall/gateway and VIP2 sends it traffic out through the 2nd firewall/gateway? 


Is PBR the way to handle it? can i specific a PBR based on the VIP that the packet is going to?




Ken Z

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