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Content Switching Policy results in status sode 301 with Group Member Port exposed

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Hey everyone,


I have an application server on my internal network, listening on HTTP Port 8000, and i want to redirect all request starting with "/api/v1" to this service.


I've created a Content Switching Virtual Server "mydomain" with protocol SSL.

My Content Switching Policy uses the following expression:


The action is a Loadbalancing Virtual Server with Service Group for protocol HTTP and a Group Member Port 8000.

When i do a GET request on https://myserver/api/v1/ all works well and I receive the expected content with status code 200.
When i do a GET request on https://myserver/api/v1 I get the status code 301 with Location "http://myserver:8000/api/v1/".


Can someone explain to me why I get status code 301 here, and especially why port 8000 is visible?


Best regards, Martin

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That's a configuration on your backend server which is redirecting you to that specific URL. In order to address your issue you could create a responder policy on the LB VSERVER that redirects as follows:

Policy: HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.EQ("/api/v1")

Action: Redirect

"https://" + HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME + "/api/v1/"


Hope it helps

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