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Cannot Run XenDesktop Studio after SQL Machine Account Was Changed Then Changed Back

Joyce Jeng1709160760


I am trying to find XenDesktop Site Checker for an old XenDesktop 5.5 site. The issue was that the site lost service after in user creation on SQL server, the DB's ownership was accidentally taken over. And the service account was restored. Then after the db_owner schema was given back to the machine account the service was restored. However, now we cannot connect to the XenDesktop Studio siting cannot connect to the DB.


We then tried recreating the DB connection by setting the strings to null then set it to what it used to be. After which, the error changed to cannot connect to machine instance. 


I looked online and found that suggested perhaps some services may need to be registered. And recommending running the site checker. I was able to find a version of the XD Site Checker and ran it. It said only 10 of 12 servicers were registered and proceeded to register. Then after registering the site checker just went blank. Not sure how to proceed from here. 


Any suggestions?

XD Site Checker.zip

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