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Citrix Desktop - Design best practices for small business

Christian Toledo


I am building a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1912 environment for less than 50 users. Users access Windows Server Desktops that are locked down and controlled via policies. With past versions I opted for a simple design with a single Controller with SQL Express DB while leveraging SQL backups, VM backups, SAN snapshots and site to site replication for basic resiliency. Although I can greatly improve resiliency by putting the DB on dedicated and mirrored SQL Servers, it would come at an increase cost in licensing as well as add nodes that need support and would further extend the DR process. Do you guys feel SQL Express is adequate for a small business design? Or would you move the DB to SQL Servers with high availability DB solution? At the moment, I am leaning on using an existing SQL Server (without high availability) to host the DB and implement dual Controllers. Thank you much in advance.

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