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Upgrade / migrate OS from virtual apps server

Luca Ferraro


Hi all,


We have a small environment, so we only have 2 "all-in-One" server with all core components and StoreFront on it and two session hosts. (15 users concurrent, most of the time 1-5 connecting at the same time)


All 4 servers are installed with Windows 2016 and virtual apps 7 2009.


I would like to upgrade / reinstall the servers with windows 2019. I know in the past windows in place upgrades where not in favor. 

But I did some tests in the lab and never had any issue.


Would you do an In-place upgrade or would you reinstall windows completly? Migration is also an option but then I'm dependent from the network team and need to change the citrix adc.

How would you approach the windows upgrade?


Many thanks and kind regards,





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Personal experience:

Upgraded the core servers with out issues, except Delivery Controllers and StoreFront needed to have PowerShell modules registered (accomplished in my case by exporting the needed registry keys and importing after the upgrade). A few other minor things, like the NetLogon service sometimes would be set to manual and need to be set back to Auto, this was not consistent across servers either. 


The VDAs however I have not had much great luck with doing upgrades on and always end up building new and migrating over to. 

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Thank you for your inputs.


I started reinstalling the secondary server completly new. I first created a backup for the certificates etc. I thought this would be the cleanest and easiest option for me.

Now i'm trying to readd the delivery controller and I'm having some issues reconnecting. 


I recreated the computer account on the sql server for the 3 citrix databases like DOMAIN\COMPUTER$ and added the same rights like the primary controller. 

I'm trying to follow this manual: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/advanced-concepts/implementation-guides/database-connection-strings.html  but I sometimes get Insufficient admin privilege and sometimes "there was a problem communicating with the citrix delegated administration service" in the powershell console. The accounts used are ctx studio administrators and have sql permissions.


Maybe I need to clean out the old entries in the DB first and retry?

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16 hours ago, Dennis Hirsch1709160936 said:

Did you remove the DDC via Studio first? This removes the DB entries.



I did, but i think I messed up with the order doing so. Like described here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139505   "Delivery Controllers had been removed from Active Directory (AD) before they were removed from the XenDesktop site".


I run the cleanup script now and rejoin the server new to the domain to get a new SID and then I'll try again.


Edit: What i'm also thinking of is maybe the sql mirror. Maybe I should start with only the principal DB and then modify the connection string including the failover partner.

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Final note: Did the other server today. Removed it first in studio, then in AD. Worked 99.9%. It just left one entry in the siteDB, table ADIdentity.Service the old SID. The rest of the row was NULL. Manually removed this row and could easily join afterwards with the studio.


This topic can be closed. Thank you.

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