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Netscaler native OTP through SMS

Mathias Imboden

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Hi there,

maybe this is a quite simple question and I hope that someone could guide me in the right direction.


I want to secure our external access Gateway with 2FA. My goal is to allow logins with OTP through an authenticator app (Google Authenticator for example) or - as an alternative for users without a smartphone - by OTP code sent by SMS.


Current situation: 2FA with authenticator apps works flawlessly (thanks to Carl's great guide).
Step 1: First logon UI gets displayed, the user fills-in the user credentials (username + password)

Step 2: Second logon UI gets displayed and asks for OTP passcode (user can see the passcode inside the authenticator app)

Step3: User fills-in the OTP passcode and gets redirected to the StoreFront UI where all published applications are displayed


My Goal:

In Step 2, a user should have the possibility to receive the OTP passcode by SMS.

Either by pressing a button "Send code by SMS" or by evaluating the user AD object: If there's a mobile number on the user object -> automatically send an SMS to this phone number.


We already use an online SMS provider which has an API through which I can send an SMS. The API supports: E-mail to sms, HTTP post, json, aspsms dot net, soap web service and XML.

My first idea was to get the natively on ADC created OTP passcode and send it to the API of the SMS provider...by a simple HTTP Post command.


My Problem:

What I don't know:

- How to get the passcode which was created by Netscaler ADC into a variable

- Where and how I could create an action or something like that which sends the HTTP Post command to our SMS provider's API


I've read the article from Citrix, that this should be possible by using AppExpert variables and actions but unfortunately I don't have a clue how to achieve this.


I would really appreciate it if someone here could help me or guide me in the right direction. :)


Thanks in advance,


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