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Remove run from start menu

Tomasz Murawski1709159844


Hello All,


I have noticed an odd thing...


Basically I am looking for some security hardening for one customer. They have windows explorer published for browsing shares and they want to prevent users from browsing / executing things on VDAs


I selected many boxes from policies and profiles :) I have also disabled access to C:\ drive. A little problem after that was that they cannot access downloads, documents etc

I removed C:\ from drives to be restriced and what I noticed was that they could then access their documents and downloads but still any path you entered in the explorer for instance C:\windows was giving message that it is forbidden. The desired effect was reached, but I could not rest without finding out why you still couldnt browse files with explorer if the C:\ was no longer restricted, so I stared unticking boxes one by one and at the end I found out that "Remove run from start menu" is responsible for this.


Anyone has an explanation for that? I would prefer to know that it works like that by design and not by coincidence :)

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On 10/3/2020 at 12:42 PM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Removing the Run command does prevent users from entering explorer paths.


One way of avoiding C: access is to redirect Documents, Downloads, etc. to a network file share. i.e. Folder Redirection..


I usually hide C: instead of preventing access to C: because some apps break when C: is prevented.


Hi Carl


What does hiding do? I have also noticed that preventing access to C: stops some apps from working correctly.


If preventing access to C: drive is disabled but hidden, can the users delete important files on the server?



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Hiding removes C: drive Explorer, but doesn't prevent access. I hide C: drive so users are discouraged from saving anything to C:.


Default NTFS permissions in Windows prevent users from deleting anything outside of their profile.


If you want more control, there are other tools like Ivanti Application Control that I think can restrict access without requiring you to change NTFS permissions.

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