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Mandatory Profile from existing Roaming Profile

Oliver Ollivetti




I would like to have a mandatroy profile for one special User. I have read Microsofts tutorial on creating mandatory profiles with sysprep and so on. Is it possible to keep it simple and just leave the special account logon to the farm normally the first time, edit some basic settings, logoff and rename the ntuser.dat to ntuser.man?

Why would I need a fresh installed server and sysprep in my case? This would be quite time consuming in my option.


Hope I can get some recommondations here. Best regards


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You would need to create a GPO that filters the Mandatory profile settings to only that specific user.  You might also need to change the profile type. Assuming you have more than a single Citrix server, you need to determine where the profile will be stored, the location of the profile will be defined in your GPO.  Search Microsoft's documentation on special handling required for Mandatory profiles for the specific details.


Windows treats some aspects of Mandatory profiles in much the same way as a Temp profile, since the profile is Read only, any software that attempts to install/repair within the context of that user will fail.

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