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Toolbar clash using windows receiver

Kevin ODonovan


I'm using citrix receiver to connect to our systems at work. Once I've logged on to our access gateway I have a remote desktop command. I run this, and connect to my work PC. So, as I understand it, Citrix is presenting the remote desktop session which is running on one of our citrix servers, and I'm using that to remote on to my PC. It works fine, other than one issue. I have my toolbar set to autocollapse on both my host and my remote machine. When in the remote desktop session, running full screen, moving the mouse to the bottom of the display causes the host toolbar to display rather than the remote one. I've found two workarounds for this:


1) Move my host toolbar to the top of the screen. Works, but can still expand unintentionally, and is more hassle than I prefer

2) Launch my session from a web browser running under SandboxIE, a sandboxing application designed to protect my PC from any online threats. For whatever reason, when launched this way the toolbars behave correctly - my host toolbar remains collapsed and my remote one is used (just like with a non citrix hosted remote desktop connection). However, I've just upgraded to the latest citrix workspace app, and this no longer works (on launching remote desktop the connecting dialog appears, but almost immediately closes)


Is there a better way to achieve what I'm trying to do, some setting I can use, etc? My host system is Windows 10x64




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