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Citrix Workspace prevents PrintScreen (PRTSC) keyboard key from working properly

Jesse Reid


I have installed GreenShot as a better tool for Screenshots, by default it uses the PrintScreen key as a shortcut to select a region for a screenshot.

Recently I had to upgrade from Citrix Receiver to Citrix Workspace and as well the PrintScreen key has started to not function properly at all. I identified Workspace as the issue as when I use it to open a connection -> the PrintScreen stops working. When I close the session the key continues to not work until I open task manager and kill the entire Citrix Workspace process. After ending that process the key works completely fine.


The key works fine when I switch the keyboard to another PC. I also opened the on-screen keyboard and the same PrintScreen issue above persists so the hardware is not to blame.


Why does Citrix Workspace mess with the PrintScreen key? Is it using it for something(?) because when I press it nothing happens. Anyone else run into this and have a fix?


Thanks in advance!

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