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MCS / DHCP Issues on rolled out VDAs

Raffael Trotta


Hello there!


Using Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912CU1 (Windows Server 2019) I have a strange behaviour - rolled out VDAs seem to claim the Masters previous IP Address, even though everything is set up with DHCP reservations. I seem to be able to avoid the problem when I do a manual "ipconfig /release" before shutting down the master.

I have multiple customers with the same setup, but this is the first time I am experiencing such a behavior.


Anybody had similar problems, anybody got an idea how to resolve it without having to keep the ipconfig /release in mind?


Thank you very much!


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A DHCP address is released on a ipconfig /release or during a graceful shutdown when the client sends a unicast message to the DHCP server to release it.  


Is this on multiple VDAs you created or one?  Does DHCP server have the address allocated even when the Master and all VDAs are off?


I am not a DHCP "expert" but you can trace DHCP traffic fairly easily.  You can google and find lots of ways to.   I would trace at startup and see what traffic goes back and forth.


My first guess though is the master did not experience a graceful shutdown and that is your root cause.  Just a guess at this time though. 

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