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Remove default 'ns-server-certificate'?

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We have replaced the default 'ns-server-certificate' with a mgmt cert on each of our ADCs.

ADM shows that the  'ns-server-certificate' is expired even though the mgmt cert is not expired.


Im not sure if there is a way to remove the cert but I believe this counts against the Score for the Infrastructure Analytics.


Anyone know of a way to remedy this?


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you could change the ns-server-certificate certkey binding to a new set of files.  Even if you don't use it. This would solve the 1) expiration notice and 2) if any new management ips are created it is the default certkey associated until you could change the binding. (update certkey instead of rm certkey).  You would have to make it a different set of files than the ones you are using for your management cert.

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