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Netscaler packet loss on Distributed Switch

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I recently migrated from standard vSwitches to Distributed vSwitches at a customer. Everything is OK for virtual machines migrated to Distributed vSwitches except for 2 Citrix ADC VPX which provide Load balancing of StoreFront Servers.

When I move the Netscaler network to Distributed Switch, I see some packets loss every 10 pings. Going back to Standard vSwitchs resolves the situation.

I tried to change the network card from E1000 to VMXNET3 and even tried to deploy a new Netscaler, but I still have this issue. The customer has 4 ESXi 6.7 in this vSphere cluster.

Do you know if there is a special configuration to make on the virtual machines or on the DVS itself?


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