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Can't remove hosting connection task still running in backround





On my VDA 1912 CU1 delivery controler I can't delete the connection to one of my hypervisor (vSphere 6.7) because there are active task still running in background.

I deleted VM and MCS machine catalog successfully.


The Get-ProvTask -active $true command return :


PS XDHyp:\HostingUnits> Get-ProvTask -active $true

TaskId                 : 2b603f0b-b6ed-479d-a467-cde00d5f9d0a
Active                 : True
Host                   : SRV-BAN-CTL-01
DateStarted            : 01/10/2020 04:25:07
Metadata               : {}
CurrentOperation       : Running
TaskProgress           :
LastUpdateTime         : 01/10/2020 04:25:07
ActiveElapsedTime      : 0
DateFinished           :
TerminatingError       :
Type                   : DisusedImageCleanUp
Status                 : Running
ImagesToDelete         : {HostingUnitUid '3a6e7523-6242-47ea-a43c-ac0dec84a48d', Image 'DiskId
                         : StorageId datastore-55', Last Processed '01/10/2020 00:40:14'}
HeartbeatInterval      : 01:00:00
RetryInterval          : 06:00:00
WorkflowStatus         : Running
TaskExpectedCompletion :


I tried to stop this task and remove it but without success.


Thanks for your help.




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I deleted the row directly into the SQL DesktopUpdateManagerSchema.PendingImageDeletes table and I was able to delete the connection to the vSphere host.


But the vmdk disk remains present on the storage and I'm not allowed to suppress it from the vCenter.


How to delete it ?


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