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Dual Screen's on Mac causes erratic mouse

Peter Weiss


I just set up a 2020 27 inch iMac (Catalina) with an external monitor (full screen mode)  using the most recent version of Workspace the mouse becomes sluggish, sometime I can see two mouse pointers. In addition to the mouse being erratic and is clearly not where the pointer indicates (proven by clicking and nothing or something unexpected happening. In addition In the mac I have "Shake Pointer to locate" set and it does not work. I also cannot access the mac window menu bar even if I push the mouse to the top of the screen. 


In addition the screen lock timeout goes to under 5 minutes from the usually 30 minutes of inactivity


When minimizing the screens (through F3) the behavior continues on the native mac screen.  All is good if I exit Citrix or If I disconnect the external monitor


I have tried Trackpad, Logitech wireless, Amazon Basic Wireless, and wired USB Mouse no difference.


Weird eh?


Open to suggestions 

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