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Chrome OS and StoreFront - Package ID for new Workspace App Tech Preview

Shane Paul

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I've got a customer using Chrome Books for their work from home staff and they are complaining that the Chrome Books are too slow, performance isn't good. The customer reached out to their Google rep who said they've collaborated with Citrix to come up with a tech preview of Workspace App for Chrome OS that is supposed to be streamlined to perform better. The customer installed the tech preview on one of their Chrome Books and is getting a message "You must whitelist the ID of Citrix Receiver in StoreFront". So, I modified the web.config file for the Store they are connecting to and changed the line chome-extension line from chromeAppOrigins="chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem" to chromeAppOrigins="chrome-extension://haiffjcadagjlijoggckpgfnoeiflnem | chrome-extension://lbfgjakkeeccemhonnolnmglmfmccaag", saved the file and did an IISRESET. When I did that, both versions of Workspace App on the Chrome Books stopped working and presented the "whitelist" message. I modified that line to use either original package ID or the new package ID of the tech preview version and I could get one or the other to work, but never both at the same time. My question is, what am I missing? Improper syntax?  Something else? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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