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Citrix Hypervisor questions: NIC and License

Andreas Streit


Hi, I installed an evaluation server of Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR Express Edition on an old tower PC.

The computer's NIC, featured with a Realtek chipset, is not enumerated on the HCL but to my surprise there were no issues during the installation.

My question is: Despite that pinging, SSH connection and XenCenter connection work flawlessly, are there good reasons to purchase an officially certified NIC from the HCL?


XenCenter indicates that the Citrix Hypervisor is an unlicensed installation. Will I have to request a license also for the Express Edition in order to prevent that after an evaluation period the system will stop working?


Thank you for your replies!


Best regards


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There are quite a few nic drivers that are part of the Citrix install that my not show up on the HCL or it may be that the chipset of the nic you are using is in the same family of one that is on the HCL and will work fine. As far as licensing, there is not time limit. You either install and have the base functionality or you license it for support/more options.  To my knowledge that hasn't changed any recently.




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