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Disable Teams Audio/Video when HDX optimisation isnt working

John Blackwell1709162332


Hello All,


I am looking for a policy setting or similar that makes audio/video stop working in teams if HDX offload doesn't work for example a user connects from a client with an old version of the workspace.


What I dont want to happen is a user connects to Citrix, HDX offload to the client doesnt work and then the user flattens the Citrix multi session server?


Seems like a sensible setting to have to me?



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7 hours ago, John Blackwell1709162332 said:

Ah that looks like it, so with it disabled the audio/video devices wont redirect to the VDA's, that would have the desired effect.

that might not work.

those regkeys only take effect if optimization FAILS, not if it is not even attempted like in your case since you have an older CWA versions.

Older CWA versions (anything before 1905) dont even create the teams virtual channel, so the Teams app never gets a change to even attempt to load the citrix API.


In your case, you need to disable webcam redirection (this is the best you could do, since rendering the video of the other peer will happen by default).

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