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Certificate error after upgrading to ELM 2009

Marcel-Jean Rubino


Hello everybody,


I just updated our appliance to 2009. After that I wanted to add a Version to the OS Layer and it immediately Fails with following error message:


An unexpected system error occurred.  Retry the operation or contact technical support.
Exception Message: Certificate doesn't contain private key Exception Details: <No Details>


It happens on every layer (App, OS, Platform) I want to add  a Version :(



OS: Server 2019 DC

Connector: vSphere MCS

Upgraded from 2008.3


Anybody got any idea? Would appreciate it.


Thank you and best regards,






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We had exactly the same issue, and Citrix sent to use the procedure to solve it.


Login to the ELM, as root, or via putty and execute these commands:

certmgr -list -c -m My | grep -C 3 JwtCertificate
certmgr -del -c -m My <UniqueHashHere>

<UniqueHashHere> should be the hash from the list command without <>

Rerun the list command to verify nothing is reported back. If you still see a certificate then something is went wrong with the delete.
certmgr -list -c -m My | grep -C 3 JwtCertificate

This will regenerate the certificate.
systemctl restart maservice

Run the list command again to verify the cert was regenerated with today's date.
certmgr -list -c -m My | grep -C 3 JwtCertificate

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