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Is there a way to change the which partition is the default partition?

Jim Tsetsos

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The default partition is literally the base configuration and is therefore always partition 0. So from that perspective no.


As far as which partition you see when you first connect, again as a full admin with access to partition 0 and other partitions, partition 0 is always your first entry and then you can switch to other partisions.

If you are a partition admin with access to only one partition, then it is the only one you see; it is the partition you see at connection and you are unable to switch.

If you are a partition admin with access to child partitions only (no access to default, but acces to p1, p2, p3), then likely the partitions are displayed in alphabetical order with P1, being your "first view>


If you wanted to always see P3 on startup, give yourself an alternate p3 only admin and then based on the account you login with would determine the partition you start up in.

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