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Connection timeout

Stefan Wendrich1709160263



we observe since several month a strange issue. some people are reporting connection timeout errors while they are logging in.

As VDA we have this with VDA 1912 and 1912 CU1. All our sessions are routed through netscaler 12.1 58.14.


As protocoll we use EDT, but some users reporting this issue also with TCP connections. All reporting users have windows endpoint with workspace app 2002, 2006 or 2008.


On our ADC we have a HA pair and session reliability through high availability is enabled.


Has someone the same behavior ? How can we find the root cause of this? The issue is not reproducable and randomly.

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2 hours ago, Anjani Bhiravabhatla said:

Hello ,


Do you see  any errors on the event log of client or VDA machines while the connection times out?



Anjani B


At the moment not. Because its not reproducable and the employees are trying it several times and reported the issue days later.

The machines are all win 1909 non persistent desktops, so the logs are not saved. The only log entry is that in director the connection is logged as timeout.

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