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100% CPU Usage on svchost on Delivery Controller Machine

Robert Mastalski




I'm currently running Windows Server 2019 with separate Azure VMs for the delivery controller, domain controller, storefront, and terminal services. Recently, our delivery controller has been reporting 100% CPU usage on svchost.exe. This machine only has firewall rules for the other machines in the network and RDP is not open to the internet. I have set the affinity of the svchost (which is not a permanent fix) to a single core which prevents the machine from being bogged down. If I terminate this instance of svchost, everything still functions as normally and it continues to go up in CPU usage until it throttles again. 


I've attempted searching for a similar issue but haven't found anyone with this issue. The delivery controller is behind a gateway as well as the StoreFront server. The delivery controller is managing three XenApps with < 5 users.


Running tasklist /svc shows the PID of the svchost is assigned to "N/A"


Rebooting the machine fixes the issue until someone logs in and loads a XenApp instance, then progressively gets worse from there. It does not appear to be a memory leak as svchost is only using 1.6MB


NetStat is showing that PID 780 (which is using CPU) is connected to "vmXXXXXX" (X being random numbers)  on port 8080



edit: I re-installed the delivery controller and terminal server since I couldn't figure out the problem, there hasn't been a recurrence of this issue yet.

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