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External User desktop signs out after 2 minutes when using FAS

Amit Patel1709162325

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CVAD 1912 LTSR, some VDAs are still running 7.5.


We have recently had user complaints that when they login via our Gateway and launch their persistent desktop they get signed out after 2 minutes.  They see a windows seen showing 'Signing out' and everything appears to show it as a graceful log off, apart from the fact the user isn't logging off!  Gateway was recently switched from LDAP/Radius to use SAML.  Gateway was also switched to point to to an FAS enabled SF pair.


We use local Windows profiles, it seems that if we wipe the profile then the problem goes away.  This only affects a tiny percentage of the users, the rest connect the same way and do not have a problem.  An affected user can connect when directly on the network and not have an issue (they connect to a different store front pair),  The problem occurs on various versions of Receiver/Workspace.  An affected user can also login via a backup Gateway (which is still using LDAP/Radius) and they will be fine.  We don't think it is an ADC issue since it doesn't affect all users.


Removing the profile is obviously not desirable and we'd like to figure out what key(s) or settings might be causing the issue.

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