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Netscaler ICA-Proxy PreAuthentication

Thomas Kaltwasser

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Hello Community,


I have got a question according the EPA Endpointscan on our Netscaler 12.2 -57.18.

We are using ICA-Proxy only, no full VPN Connection.


We want to establish the following check scenario.

Every Client that connects to our Netscaler must have Windows 10.

(This is possible with the OPSWAT EAP Check.)


We although have Clients in a specific external domain (e.g. department1.local.com), we want this client allow to login with Windows 7 OS running.


Is ist possible to define two policies, where the EPA ist first checking if the client is in the specified domain and if the client isn´t in the domain, there must be Windows 10 installed.



Thank in advance for the help.

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