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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 PVS random VDA server will freeze/crash and I have to hard reset the VM

Alex Liu1709161424


Running CVAD 1912 PVS on our VMware 6.5 environment.  All of our Citrix servers are running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.  We currently have about 6 VDA servers that users log into for work.  Randomly each week, one of those servers will freeze/crash.  When I try to access it from the VM console, I can't do anything.  Users report that their sessions are frozen as well.  The only thing to do is to do a hard reset on the VM.  Once it reboots, it's okay again until the next time.  I don't see anything in the Event logs that suggest what the culprit is.  I am currently working with Citrix support to try and diagnose the issue.  They are looking at memory dumps.  We are using Trend Micro Apex One as our antivirus, and Citrix Support suggested we put in place the proper exclusions.  However, it's still freezing with the exclusions in place.  Once the server freezes, eventually you'll see an error log show up on the Delivery Controller that the Broker Agent lost contact with the server.  Yesterday, a user first called that they seemed stuck.  At first, I checked the VM console and saw that I could still log into it.  So I thought the server was okay still.  I tried to shadow the user and it timed out.  Shortly after, we received other calls from users that they couldn't move either.  I noticed they were all on the same server.  When I went back to the VM console, it was frozen.  Anyone experience anything like this before?

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On 1/18/2022 at 5:40 PM, valloire said:


fast reconnect was our issue

after setting the registry FastReconnect"=dword:00000000

([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Reconnect "FastReconnect"=dword:00000000)

it solves our probleme,



We know this hanging / freezing Citrix workers issue since ever we use PVS. It especially can re-appear again following my experience, after updating one component of the involved pieces of software and hardware (VDA, PVS streaming server, vmware tools, provisioning target device, esxi and so on). This time it re-appeared again after updating our 2019+cvad 1912 CU5 workers to 2019+cvad 2203 CU2. Luckily we found this thread and this post. Since we deployed this registry key in our golden image, we are not having the issue again.


Just to tell, at a earlier time, we had this issue after updating our esxi hypervisors to 7.0. We overlooked in a Citrix KB, that the requirement for Citrix workers had become to 1912 CU2 or later. We were still using 1912 without any CU at this time and started having the freezing issue, but could fix it with an update.


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