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unused vda report

Glenn Brown1709162215


Hi I am a citrix novice  and coming into an established env running  7.7 so need some guidance.   I would like to run a report of all my VDA and apps published on each one. In the end I would be searching for VDAs with no apps, that I can remove from the env, but this report in general would be good for auditing.


Can someone help me with a PS to get this info?  I found the script below, but it looks at the reverse, look at all apps published and tells me what server they are on, but doesn't clarify if no apps are published on various VDAs.


asnp citrix*
$apps = Get-BrokerApplication
foreach ($app in $apps){
Write-Output "`n`r"
Write-Output "Application name: $($app.name)"
$dgUIDs = $app.AssociatedDesktopGroupUids
foreach ($dgUID in $dgUIDs){
$VDAs = Get-BrokerDesktop -DesktopGroupUid $dgUID
Write-Output "`tDeliveryGroup:
foreach ($VDA in $VDAs){
Write-Output "`t`tVDA: $($VDA.DNSName) Machine Catalog: $($VDA.CatalogName)"


thank you,


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