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Get master image name of MCS booted machine

Robert Schnöller


Hi,  Is there a way to determine the image of MCS booted machines.
In Studio you can only find actual image of the machine catalog - but its not possible to find the image name of a booted machine:

So if you only reboot a part of the machines in an updated catalog is there a way to find out the image name of the "old" not rebooted machines?




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On 9/23/2020 at 3:11 PM, Robert Schnöller said:


From within Studio, find the catalog and click View Machines.   Then, from top-right, you can use the Choose Columns to add a new column for Pending Reboot.   That will show you which machines have and haven't updated since the last catalog update.


It won't tell you what snapshot they're actually running from, but it will tell you whether they've been updated or not.

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