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Requirements to maintain client connection

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I have an internal .NET application which is really more like four applications. Originally it 

ran on a single server - web and application with connectivity to MS SQL database.

Once logged in the programmers of the app are expecting the client to log in and

stay logged into that server for persistent identity across the four or five apps running.

But they wanted it load balanced so I setup a basic LB with long persistence timers

- eight hours. If you log into this vertical app in the morning you're going to be

there all day long. 

But now they're wanting to be able to take these web/.net servers out and into 

service at will. My question is - how would these servers need to change in order

to be able to login and then take the server down during the day but the 

action is invisible to the user? And what would need to be configured on 

the Netscaler to help with this kind of seemlessness? The goal would be

for a web server to fail but the user doesn't need to log back in and

all their work continues on one of the other servers. 

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