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Strange pause at Win10 session start

Jacques Bensimon


Hello.  Has anybody observed the following Win10 "XenDesktop" logon behavior?  After sessions are initiated from StoreFront,  they pause/stall for 15+ seconds with the target VM's lock screen displayed before the legal notice finally appears, after which logon proceeds normally once the notice is dismissed.  [This behavior is not observed with direct RDP connections to the same VMs -- the legal notice appears immediately in that case].


Thoughts?  Anecdotes?  Solutions? ;-)





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I've had similar, where it pauses on a login screen (as if SSO wasn't working) before eventually coming back to life and logging in as normal.


Fixed by disjoining the master image machine from the domain, rejoining it with a new name, and finally updating the catalog.   I've had this across a few machine catalogs now, as has my colleague in Houston who runs a separate Citrix farm with separate MCS master images, and both of us were able to fix it this way.


Very strange, but worth a shot.

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