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Change the License Type of Xen Host

Dominic Masse


Hi everyone,


I have upgraded my pool of 3 servers to 8.1. Before, I had 7.6 and my license type on each server was Enterprise.  After the upgrade, each host was displaying Premium.  But I don't have Premium licenses on my server licenses, so I have released the licenses of my 3 servers, this action have converted Premium to Express.   I want to assign Standard-per-socket licenses to my 8.1 servers but it just doesn't work.  How can I resolve this problem?

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Thank you all for your comments.  I have replaced my existing license server with the latest one, so I have started from scratch and import again my LIC file.  All my other servers in 7.6 have been licensed,  but my 8.1 doesn't...   These servers are now in Express mode,  and I want to pass them to "standard per-socket" but it just doesn't work.... they are in Express, it's like if the license command wants to have Express licenses but I want to convert them to standard.....  I had never this problem before.....  can we convert Express to standard ?  You can see the image attached for the error


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Looks like there is premium, standard, express. Express is unlicensed. When you imported your license again was it just a saved file from 7.6 or was 

it a lic file downloaded from MyCitrix ? I would re-download from MyCitrix. Also, you can open up that license file with a text editor and see what

the contents are. It should say what it is.




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15 minutes ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

So you have a Citrix support contract? If so, I'd contact them and see if they can help sort this out. Licensing is always a pain, no matter what computer system is involved!

I have a support contract.  I have already contacted them, but feedback and help is not so fast for this kind of problem....    

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