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Custom Monitor - test

Sudhir Bhagat

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We have created some Custom monitor on Netscaler ADC (with receive and send string) as confirmed by application team. But those customer monitor did'nt worked during initial test. Suspect some issue at application level string also.


Is there ay provision locally on Netcsaler to check and ensure ...that created Custom Monitor is Perfect  and OK on ADC.



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In addition to the debug tool from Carl which is a useful find...


Custom monitors also source from the NSIP address and not the SNIP (can't use a net profile either), so you may have to do some tracing to figure out if it is just an issue with network flow from nsip to destination OR if the perl you are calling/parameters are erroring out or not supported.



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Thanks Carl and Rhonda ....


Today we did the testing with a Custom Monitor. Service Group was working fine with default TCP monitor. But when we applied Custom Monitor to SG, It went down. 


And while checking the Monitor Status (as suggested by both of you). We are getting LAST RESPONSE as  - Failure - Pattern not found in response.


What this indicates, where might be the problem. App server end or ADC end.


Send String is : GET /HealthCheck.html HTTP/1.1\r\n

Receive String is : HTTP/1.(0|1) 200 Successful

Customer Header field is NIL.

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