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Netscaler CVE2019-19781

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Hello Community,


I´m not sure, if our Netscaler MPX are effected by the CVE-2019-19781.

We have applied the MitigiationSteps with the Responderpolicy and immediately updated our Netscaler MPX to the newest Firmware.

We use a customized portaltheme.


'When I checked our MPX, with the IoC Tool from Fire-Eye, I got a disturbing result.


The Tool found some evidence of potencial compromise.

For example:


 -  MATCH: blacklisted content '/tmp/bsd'

 -  MATCH: blacklisted content '/vpn/themes/imgs/tiny.php'

 -  MATCH: blacklisted content '/vpn/themes/imgs/conn.php'

 - MATCH: incorrect file permissions

 - MATCH: blacklisted content 'pwnpzi1337'


Should I be concerned about the results.

Are the finds so serious that the MPX will be reinstalled?


Is it possible to reinstall the Citrix Netscaler MPX with a ISO and recover the last backuped config?


Thanks in advance for our support.


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Thank you for the answer.


in the directory "/var/vpn/bookmark" I found some suspicious XML-Files with non valid usernames.



After the activation of the responder policy, as recommended by Citrix in CTX267679, no further XML files are available.


I am not sure whether the presence of the XML files is a clear indication that the gateway has been compromised. During the further check, no abnormalities were found in the web server log, in the cron jobs or in the user accounts.




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