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icmp/dns timeout from monitors and HA failover after update to 12.1 58.15

IT Carbogen Amcis

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I did the critical upgrade to V58.15 on our external NS and internal NLB NS. 

Now I have 2 issues.


1. failover eccours on the HA pair 2-3 times a day but secondary seems up - error: 
   no HA heartbeasts - missed 225 heartbeats.

=> Network is stable as other VMs on the same physical host not experience this issues at least I don't see anything in our monitoring.


2. monitor service binding on DNS timetout as well 2-3 times a day. It goes down ping timeout then a few seconds later it is up again. But not the same time as the HA failover occurs!
ping-default monitor(nameserver_XYZ) down; last response: failure - probe timed out

We have the second issue on another NS with same version.

=> this happens on the external and internal NS.


I don't had this issues in the past so anyone else having similar issues after upgrading to V58.15?




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