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MCS Xen7 deployment - Exclusive VMware Cluster?

Keith Sanderson


Hi all,


Currently working with XenApp published desktops and applications which are running on approximately 10 VMs in a single VMware cluster (CLUSTER1) that contains our other production VM servers with different workloads. Because we have all of our VM servers in this one cluster with multiple resources (8-10 servers) this has worked well for resilience and availability and we haven't had any performance issues. We having been running like this for some time.


Updating now to MCS and I understand that its better practise to have a separate cluster which is exclusive to our Citrix VDA servers. I assume its so that we keep the Citrix VDA workload away from our other servers. Is there any other reasons why this is preferred? Does anyone have further information around this?


I'm looking at a scenario where I will take 2 servers out of my single cluster (CLUSTER1) to create a separate Citrix cluster (or even separate VMware Datacenter and cluster might be preferred?) - CLUSTER_CITRIXVDA. This should be fine for resources as there will be enough to run everything from one of the two servers but its still losing resilience that i had before.


I had also assumed it would be ok to keep the Citrix infra servers (Delivery Controller, Storefront, WEM) and even Master in my original CLUSTER1. Any reason why this approach would be wrong?


Thanks for any help.

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