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New fslogix setup - issue with loading profile container

John Morrissey1709152766



Working through a fslogix POC so far:



Appears permissions seem ok - office and profile containers getting created and mounted to my VDI (win10 1909 LTSR 1912 cu1).


Have attached latest log - the pertinent line to the untrained eye is "Status set to 100: Waiting for the Windows Profile Service to determine the user's profile folder" - after that starts giving an error status.

Windows search is also erroring out in eventvwr but may well be related to above so will skip that for now "SearchIndexer (425176,R,98) Windows: The database engine is rejecting update operations due to low free disk space on the log disk."

Fsxtray log shows green on all items

Getting closer..





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Hi Kasper,

Yes every time I log in it creates that message and no change in the logs from what I previously posted. I also got another user to check.

Regards my profile the VDI does restart and I verified its not resident before I logon


Still seeing that message

New Profile Directory: C:\Users\<user>


As such the VDI is attaching the VHD's but indeed are read-only 

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