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Drive Problem

Dennis Haschke


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Hi Dennis, when a vdisk version is promoted the vdisk version is mounted directly on the PVS server,to complete some minor registry/file operations in prepration for production usage, then the drive is unmounted. The drives contained in the vdisk will be visible during the time while mounted on the PVS server. It appears windows picks up a problem with one of the drives contained in the vdisk.


To check further, when you have a vdisk version in mainteance, right click on vdisk in PVS console, and mount it.

Then run windows tools to scan/repair on the drives.

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Yeah above steps sound good.
Alternavitely, to save having to shut everything down, when next booting a version in mainteance mode (read/write) use disk management to mount all the partitions on the disk, and scan from there.
Perhaps its just a flag on one of the filesytems in a partition which which targets might not usually assign a letter and so not see to get popup about checking.

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