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Restrict Acces to vServer Connection via Policy if the user comes through a Windows client application


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Hi guys,

i am currently working on a policy that prevents a user from accessing a vServer if he connects via a Windows client and if he is not coming from a certain network. If these two requirements are not met, the connection should be rejected. 

However, if the user accesses the vServer via the browser, the connection should work.

Does anyone here have an idea how I could best implement this in a policy?


Thanks :) 

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Hello Mr. Stalhood  and  Community :) ,

Finally I have come to the implementation of the rule.

Besides the restriction via Application, access via a web browser should be possible from anywhere. 

Currently, however, the browser is also blocked by the policy.

What is the best way to set an exception for browser access in the rule?


Many Greetings

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